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This course is intended to introduce students to the basics of using SPSS for data analysis including descriptive and inferential statistics. It also aims to introduce students to the basics of build predictive statistical models.



1 day, 18 hours

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ورشة عمل من 5 ايام في كل يوم 4 ساعات عن التحليل الإحصائي بإستخدام برنامج SPSS لطلبة البحوث الطبية

📅 21/06/2020-25/06/2020🕟 4:30-8:30 Amman Time
اليوم الأول مجاني ولكن يجب عليك التسجيل في الموقع لمشاهدة المحاضرة
🦺Course requirements
  • The course will be fully held online.
  • Attend the course using LAPTOP or DESKTOP.
  • Download IBM SPSS Statistics software, version 20.0 and above.
👨‍🎓Course audience
  • PhD, and master students and researchers looking to be qualified to present results in tables as usually requested by high impact journals, also MSc and PhD thesis.
  • Data analysts looking for a career in analytics in corporate sector.
  • Faculty members looking to master SPSS and advance their data analysis skills.

Students are expected to have the following ILOs:

🥼Foundational knowledge
  • Repeat analysis of previously published research articles.
  • Analyze 2-3 full research articles and present their results.
  • Develop, integrate, and apply knowledge of statistical methods used to describe and analyze data.
  • Understand the differences between parametric and non-parametric tests used to find differences between groups.
  • Understand the assumptions for parametric tests and decide if they are violated or not and to decide which tests to use to find differences between groups.
  • Understand the different types of correlation tests used for both continuous and categorical variables.
  • Understand the requirements of building predictive models for both categorical (logistic regression) and continuous variables (general linear model) and linear regression analysis.
  • understand the equations used for sample size calculation.
📊Skills essential to statistical analysis
  • Perform descriptive statistics using both summary tables and charts and interpret the results.
  • Perform inferential statistics to tell differences between groups and interpret results.
  • Perform correlations between different types of variables and interpret results.
  • Build predictive models for both categorical and continuous variables and interpret results.
  • calculate sample size for your research study.

talent behind This course

Profile Photo
Dr. Eman Elayeh
Lecturer at School of Pharmacy/University of Jordan
M.Sc Degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Jordan, with GPA 4.00 out of 4.00. B.Sc. Pharmacy from the University of Jordan, Valedictorian student. GPA 3.96/4.0. Lecturer at School of the Pharmacy/University of Jordan since 2011. Experienced  in biomedical research conduct and analysis using SPSS
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Learning path

    • 1. Introduction to SPSS FREE 04:00:00
    • In this unit, we will discuss description of data, exploratory data analysis, analysis of cross-classifications using Crosstabs, tests of normality, Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) and the Shapiro-Wilk, skewness, kurtosis, histogram, and boxplots.
    • Quiz 1_introduction to SPSS 00:10:00
    • 2. Differences between groups and sample size calculation 04:00:00
    • This unit discusses the differences between groups: parametric and non-parametric tests.
    • Quiz 2_Differences between groups 00:15:00
    • 3. Chi square test, Logistic regression and Bivariate correlations 04:00:00
    • In this unit we will discuss Chi square test with bivariate correlations and binary Logistic regression.
    • Quiz 3_logistic regression, correlation and chi square 00:10:00
    • 4. General linear model and linear regression analysis 04:00:00
    • In this unit we discuss general linear model and it's types: univariate, multivariate
    • Case studies (2): Osteoporosis knowledge 02:00:00
    • SPSS workshop_Bivariate correlation 4 days
    • Assignment discussion 24 hours

What people are saying

  1. Spss course


    I had a beautiful experience through this wonderful scientific platform .. a clear, useful and informative explanation .. Thank you very much to Dr. Iman and those in charge of this wonderful platform ..
    Speed ​​in answering .. answers to any question .. and a quick solution to any problem you face at any time .. my first experience and it will not be the last, inshallah .

  2. Excellent course


    The course was very good for the beginner, it provides me with all of the required information and knowledge that make me able to do my analysis by myself.

  3. Basics of using SPSS for data analysis


    A big thank you for the efforts put in preparing, simplifying, and delivering this comprehensive training content that is very useful for anyone interested in doing research or working as a research assistant.

  4. IbrahimAbumustafaJune 12, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    Can't be better!


    The lectures were a well-balanced blend of non-boring- yet- sufficient theoretical presentations and a practical illustration by Dr. Eman in step-by-step manner followed by a per-student practice and check. Moreover, assignments were given to reinforce the concept and to master using the program with a versatile field of problems and ideas to anaylze. Dr. Eman was not hesitant to deliver her knowledge and was capable of handling any inquiries that may arise or problems that may confuse us on the spot. Furthermore, Dr. Eman was grading her scientific language in away that suited the audience despite their scientific backgrounds. I took this course back in 2017 and I do still remember the lectures and using the program with the same high level of proficiency since then, well evident in my graduating project were I utilized my skills to do a retrospective clinical study in the Jordan University Hospital that yielded a data to be published so soon. I wish I had such an opportunity of taking this course from home back then; it would have saved me not being absent on many obligatory courses to attend these elective lectures. However, it doesn’t matter because IT WAS REALLY WORTH IT! THANKS!

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A big thank you for the efforts put in preparing, simplifying, and delivering this comprehensive training content that is very useful for anyone...Read more

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