PEBC Qualifying OSCE Exam Preparation

PharmaFree Preparatory course for both parts of PEBC Qualifying Exam (MCQ & OSCE) is considered, from so many different aspects, on the other extremity of any other course offered for the same purpose. Literally!


  • 💬 In PharmaFree, you will have the opportunity to discuss and get clarified by the instructors for any point you may raise during or after the live sessions.
  • 💡 In PharmaFree, we adopt Thought-provoking Learning rather than learning by dictation, we offer interactive-dialoguing rather than mono-dialoguing.

📖 What about the material?

📚 In PharmaFree, huge resources (Question Banks, OSCE Stations, Important Notes, Mock Exams, and Illustrating videos) are available at your disposal and accessible at any time.

⏰ For how long?

👩🏻‍🎓 From November 2019 to November 2020, we have managed to train and prepare more than 300 pharmacists from diversified backgrounds to take the two parts of PEBC Qualifying Exams.

🧑🏻 Who is behind PharmaFree?

  • 🥼 In PharmaFree, you will indulge yourself in the middle of the pharmacy practice in Canada with our Two instructors Pharmacists:
  • 👨🏻‍⚕️ Dr. M. Elsayyad – Licensed Pharmacist and Vaccinator in Québec and Ontario.
  • 👨🏻‍⚕️ Dr. M. Gazouly – Licensed Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager in Ontario.
  • In PharmaFree, our two instructors will be on the scene to address all your questions or concerns at any time via WhatsApp.

💵 What about the fees?

  • In PharmaFree, all our offered services, sessions and materials are FREE.
  • Only nominal subscription fees to the platform’s accessibility are applied.

👨🏻‍💻 Technical Support:
The instructor is not responsible for any technical difficulties or issues you face while using our online platform.

You can contact our support department through the following: 

  • 💬 Inside the platform direct chat and ask for IT support.
  • 🎫 Submitting a ticket using the support page.
  • 📱 Direct messaging through WhatsApp: +1 (289) 813-6882.
  • 📧 Email on [email protected]

😔 Cancellation and Refund Policy:
Please find it here.


Mohamed Elsayyad, B.Sc., PharmD, MBA
Licensed Pharmacist and Vaccinator in Québec, Canada 

I am very fortunate as much as proud of having the chance to earn such a diversified knowledge and multi-disciplinary expertise during my career. Besides being a licensed pharmacist and Vaccinator in Québec, I am also a Marketing Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company and a Business Owner.

My academic toolkit encompasses: Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy Degree (PharmD), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Diploma in Public Health. I had the chance also to exercise the pharmacy in the state of Bavaria – Germany, before moving to live permanently in Canada in 2018.  

My top-notch skills are in Clinical Research Methodology, Clinical Pharmacy, Vaccinology, Sales effectiveness, Marketing and Market Analytics.

A sneak peek about my personal life: I am a proud father of two kids (Malik and Talia), lives in Gatineau (Québec). I can speak 4 languages: Arabic, French, English, and German. Feel free to contact me whenever you would have enquiries. Always pleased to help.   

Mohamed Gazouly, B.Sc., MBA, R.Ph
Registered Pharmacist in Ontario, Canada

It has been a thrilling journey since I landed in Canada in 2014. I started volunteering at the beginning of my pathway as an assistant in one of the most reputable pharmacy chains in Canada.

I remember my feelings when I passed my evaluating exam (those were the fun days). The next step after that was a bit hard, so hard actually to balance between work, financial strains, family, and of course hard study. With the help of my wife, dedication, and God’s well, of course, I passed both MCQ and OSCE exams. It was not easy, but it was a big achievement of course. Now I am a proud Registered Pharmacist in Ontario and a Business owner.

Personally, I believe education is a continuous process, so I specialized in mental health, addiction treatment and pain management after specific courses I took. Now my next challenge is to step deep in academia and pass my experiences with whoever interested to be a pharmacist in Canada.

N.B I have a master’s degree in business administration so when it comes to setting up a business in Canada, I know the “know-how” too. You will not regret to ask me.


About Instructor


It’s about Knowledge, Excellence, and Practice to Every Pharmacist. And yes, it’s for Free.

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Shadi Tanash
Posted 2 weeks ago
Preparation for the exam

Thank you

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Posted 2 years ago

this course is really a treasure!! Dr gazouly and elsayyad made a great effort to put and explain the cases as in the real exam. I paid couple of thousand dollars in one of the other courses before I join this course but if I had knew about this course before, definitely I would not have registered in the other expensive course. A Big thank you for your tremendous effort !!

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