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    Posted by Mohamed Gazouly on February 22, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    1) Whats wrong about suboxone ( buprenorphine/naloxon)

    a-Can be given to hepatic compromised patients

    b- can be split the tablet into halves before giving to the patient

    c-patient should wait in the pharmacy till the whole tablet dissolve

    d- first line option for treatment from opioid addiction

    2)Whats wrong about methadone

    a-can be used for pain management as well as drug addiction

    b- can be used for pregnant women for treatment of addiction

    c- we add tang juice for methadone dose because it tastes bad and to prevent diversion

    d- methadone has ceiling effect , maximum dose is 120 mg can be given for heavy users

    3) A new patient came to your pharmacy with a prescription of a narcotic drug from a physician whom you do not know. What is the best action:*****

    a-Refuse to dispense the prescription

    b- Send him to anther pharmacy

    c- Call the phone Doctor as it is
    written in the prescription to verify the prescription

    d-Look for the phone number of the
    Doctor on college of physicians website and call him to verify the prescription

    4) Who can write narcotic Rx except ?

    a-.nurse practitioner


    c- Veterinary


    5) A person has been overdosed by meperidine which one is true except:

    a-Use Naloxone as antidote

    b-epipen can be used

    c- If Naloxone dose not work in the
    first shot it can be repeated

    d- Naloxone will prevent the respiratory
    depression caused by meperidine

    6) A masked man enters the pharmacy with a knife and wants Hydromorphone, What should you do:

    a-. Give him what he wants

    b-. Try to call the police without him noticing

    c-. Try to waste time until the police comes

    d-. Try to spill the hydrocodone on the floor to prevent him to take it


    7) For which drug sales record is not important:





    8)which rx is valid for as verbal order

    a- acetaminophen 500 / codeine 8 mg solid form of tablet take 1 tab bid

    b- nabilon 1 mg i cap once daily

    c- concerta 27 mg 1 cap once daily with 1 repeat to be dispensed 30 tabs of 30 days

    d-phenobarbital 30 mg once dialy

    9) one of your regular patients who is due for his medication refills told you that his private insurance is going to expire tomorrow and he wants to secure his medication for 3 months what will be your best response

    a- dispense 3 months all at once as per his request on the last day of his insurance

    b- dispense only 1 month

    c- call the insurance before dispensing 3 month

    d- charge him for the last 2 months worth medication

    10) you got a rx from a family dr says

    dispense teva- amlodipine 10 mg once daily and you only have another generic in stock ( po-amlodipine 10 ) whats your best action

    a- ask patient to wait till tomorrow till you get teva – amlodipine as per dr rx

    b- dispense apo-amlodipine 10 mg since you have it in stock

    c- contact dr and ask his permission if is it k to dispense the generic you have in stock

    d-dispense the brand name ( Norvasc) and let the store absorb the difference in price since you can not satisfy the patient needs

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