Terms and Conditions

1) I, the undersigned, agree to the terms of this agreement and the privacy statement that I am qualified and authorized to sign this agreement, the terms of use, the privacy statement, and conclude and sign this contract.

2) You acknowledge that the information you have provided about yourself or whoever you represent for this contract is complete, truthful, accurate, and current, and you undertake to inform the management of RxCourse immediately if any of the information becomes otherwise.

3) My use of the RxCourse website and the content and its subsidiary or content therein implies my agreement to all the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement and you must agree to be bound by the terms of use of these services and the additional terms and conditions that are also effective.

4) This Agreement shall be deemed in effect upon its approval, or the use of any of our website functions, applications or software.

5) It is strictly forbidden to sell or share your account and/or username or password or trade or dispose of it or share it for the benefit of any third party, and you pledge not to use it from others, and you are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and private password By you as well as maintaining the privacy of your computer’s use, and in the event of any unauthorized use of your account or any other party for the security and privacy of the site and the software, you agree to report to RxCourse immediately and you bear any malfunction or damage or any harm to RxCourse, and you give the right to RxCourse Withholding the service from you or cancelling your account in case you violate this item (item No. 5) All amounts paid by you to RxCourse for the remainder of the agreement are thus entitled to RxCourse and you do not have the right to claim any amounts and/or the end of the contract period, allowance, breakdown, damage or otherwise.

6) I understand and agree to excuse and manage the RxCourse site, including its representatives, directors, clients, affiliated entities, employees, partners and contractors with them, and their advisors from any consequences of any allegations, requests, damages or losses, whatever their origin or source, whether directly or indirectly resulting from the use of The Site or the software RxCourse does not assume in this clause any compensation of any kind without any general, private, or incidental limits or resulting from any reason or partial basis based on any theory of responsibility in relation to any use of the site or its software and the information and information contained therein even if it is RxCourse I am not aware of the possibility of such compensation or damages.

7) I agree to be bound in the texts of the training materials provided by the RxCourse website to protect the rights of the site or guarantee an improvement in the service level and not assume responsibility for the service level for RxCourse in the event that the operating instructions required by RxCourse are not followed.

8) I understand and accept the right of RxCourse to either refuse to compensate me financially in the event that I wish to recover part or all of the course fees in the event that they start to be used as well. I understand and agree to the RxCourse refusal to postpone the subscription to future chapters in the event of its use.

9) I understand and agree to the right of RxCourse if it refuses to transfer me from one course or subscription to another course or subscription under any circumstance or during any period of time during my period of subscription or course.

10) Although RxCourse and the content are specialized in the field of e-learning and are based on sound educational and scientific foundations, I understand that the RxCourse website and it’s software and as educational software may contain software or information that contradicts my opinions or beliefs, and therefore I agree to use the site and the software I and who they may use On my way, I understand that, and on my own responsibility, without carrying any, its employees, custodians, partners, or others to any material or legal consequences as a result of this, and I am not entitled to claim any claims, compensation or other accordingly.

11) Our website should not be misused by deliberate infection with viruses, Trojans, worms, logistical bombs or other malicious or technologically harmful materials.

12) Unlawful attempts to enter our website must not be made. Our site should not be attacked by denial of service or segmented denial of service.

13) I understand and agree not to raise any religious, political, or insulting topic, and not to expressly or implicitly refer to any legal person in any country in the world under penalty of legal prosecution.

14) The intellectual property rights of the site and the software, including but not limited to (all documents, files, texts, pictures, brochures, technical datasheets, audio files, audio blogs, video files, flash lessons, graphics, etc.) are owned by RxCourse and the content and these works are protected and all copyrights reserved You are not entitled to download or copy any or part of it.

15) What comes from me on the RxCourse website and its pages represent my personal belief and RxCourse is not responsible for my opinions nor does it represent them.

16) I understand and agree that RxCourse monitors what is posted on the site and that any misuse and legal prosecution will be held accountable.

17) International law is the applicable law, Arabic and English are the languages ​​of the agreement in which it is read.

18) We agree that resolving the dispute through arbitration will be in accordance with the Canadian Arbitration Law in the event of any dispute arising out of this agreement or any of its provisions or what derives from or arises from it, and the two parties agreed that the ruling separating them between the international courts.

19) RxCourse is not responsible for all course delivered contents: LIVE lectures, recorded lectures, materials, quizzes, and assignments, and all are solely under the responsibility of the instructors or the contractors. RxCourse is only responsible for the technical usage of the platform and it’s technologies.