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Expert Mentors

Our instructors are the leaders in their industry, they have been through every obstacle and they will ease the way on you.

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Online LIVE Courses

You don't need to be in Canada to start your Canadian experience journey, with us you can start from your home and land standing!

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Handouts Included

Fun to read and easy to remember piece of art source files, the best in the market will be available to you on every course.

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Quizzes and Certificates

With more than 1000 questions, we make sure that you understand every step of the way and get a certificate for every course.

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We were proud pharmacy students, we were thrilled practicing pharmacists, we immigrated seeking a better life only to find out we had to start all over again.

Your story is our story, and you are not alone. We will help you back on your feet. In no time, you will thrive and succeed. We created this platform to help international pharmacists to become registered in no time with our preparation courses, support health care professionals join the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with our job-ready courses, then connect you with leaders of the industry with our social media platform. We are you, and you are us!