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Discover pharmacovigilance and drug safety careers online by our job-ready programs for international health professionals and recent undergraduate students. By qualified industry experts.

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Are you looking for CE hours to submit at the end of the year? Or are you a passionate pharmacist who loves to continue learning? We’re here to deliver accredited CE courses to help your career thrive. (Coming soon)

Are you an international pharmacist seeking to be licensed in Canada?
We offer preparation courses for the PEBC Evaluating Exam, and Qualifying Exam with its two parts: MCQ and OSCE.

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Slide We were proud pharmacy students, we were thrilled practicing pharmacists, we immigrated seeking a better life only to find out we had to start all over again.
Your story is our story and you are not alone. We will help you back on your feet. In no time, you will thrive and succeed. We created this platform to help struggling students achieve higher GPAs, to help pharmacists take their clinical practice further, and to help us, immigrants, share our knowledge with our beloved students overseas.
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“God loves someone who when works, he performs it in perfect manner”

RxCourse started from iSpatula that was established in 2013 for the seek of providing educational resources for pharmacy students, RxCourse was created with passion and it is developed now to reach perfection. The ultimate goal for us is simple, happy and satisfied students who excel in their studies and can compete with their colleagues from our provided tools of knowledge that are accessible to everyone, and shall we continue the path.


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