PEBC Evaluating Exam Preparation Course

Prepare yourself to pass the first Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada PEBC Evaluating Exam for international pharmacists with our unique course like no other.


Path to be a Licensed Pharmacist in Canada

Step 01: National ID
Step 02: PEBC ID
Step 03: First Exam

Pass the PEBC Evaluating Exam

Pass the PEBC Qualifying MCQ Exam

Step 04: Second Exam
Step 05: Third Exam

Pass the PEBC Qualifying OSCE Exam

IELTS, Bridging course, Jurisprudence exam, and internship.

Final Steps

Everything You Need

  • 30 lessons with video and text.

  • 12 revision lessons.

  • 95 downloadable handouts and guidelines.

  • Quizzes after each lesson to ensure optimal learning.

  • 1500+ questions including mock exams.

  • 1 year access to all lessons, files, PDF and videos.

  • 14-day money back guarantee–no questions asked.

All of the above for a one-time payment:


Two installments

439 CAD

  • 3 months, then 9 months access.

  • Half of material on each installment.

One Payment

849 CAD

One time payment
  • Full year access of the course.

  • Full material available for downlead instantly.

Common Questions

According to the PEBC latest changes, you have to pass Document Evaluation before you are able to apply for the Evaluating Examination. Please apply for Document Evaluation as early as possible to ensure you do not miss the deadline.


How to do the document evaluation?

  1. Create a profile in Pharmacists Gateway Canada

2. Apply for the PEBC Document Evaluation

Document-Evauation Application Steps
You will need to prepare three envelopes that are sent to the PEBC, 1st envelope sent by you, see below details, envelop 2 sent by your university, envelope 3 sent by your licensing body.
Envelope one contents

Send envelope one to this address:
717 Church Street
Toronto ON Canada M4W 2M4

Envelopes two and three can be sent by email to this email address [email protected] directly from your university and licensing body.

Please fill this document with your name and details, let the lawyer or commissioner certify it, then put it in your own envelope.

Please check the upcoming dates and deadlines on the PEBC page.

Please visit Pharmacist Gateway Canada’s website for details about the fees according to the province.

  • Five months duration.
  • The next meetings will be always on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting from the 7th of August.

Yes, all our lectures are recorded and you will find them on the platform within 24-48 hours from the lecture time.

Yes, you do, get our graphically designed, fun to read and easy-to-remember handouts in PDF format to be downloaded once you register in the course. You will find it under the materials tab.

Yes, we do have comprehensive questions bank of more than 1000 questions and the number is growing.

This course, AS A BUNDLE of lectures, handouts and question bank, is enough for the evaluating exam, and you don’t need any additional resources.

The material and question bank is in English, but the lectures are explained in Arabic

The instructor is not responsible for any technical difficulties or issues you face while using our online platform.

You can contact our support department through the following: 

💬 Inside the platform direct chat.

📱 Direct messaging through WhatsApp

📧 Email on [email protected]

Please find it here.

The handouts are password protected, please use your email address as the password

Course Content

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Professional Practice Skills (15%)
Clinical Sciences (35%)
Revision and Mock

About Instructor

Mohamed Habash

Passing the licensure exams was a great challenge because I stayed approximately more than 17 years away from studying. I started the journey in March 2017 by looking for the sources of learning materials and restarting concentration and creating the inner motives. It was hard, but I accomplished it by bypassing the PEBC Evaluating Exam for the first time in January 2018. After that, it was the time for the most challenging pharmacy exam anywhere; it is the qualifying exam. Again, I did it the first time. During this long journey, I have known many pharmacists from different countries as I joined many social platforms. My prominent role was answering thousands of questions at these platforms and explaining many scientific topics. Then, RxCourse provided me with a suitable environment to put all my efforts in a well-arranged manner, enabling me to help more and more students pass PEBC exams

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Course Includes

  • 46 Lessons
  • 58 Topics
  • 75 Quizzes

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Rawnaq Meka
Posted 4 weeks ago
Very Helpful Course

First I would like to give a special thanks for Dr.Shams and Dr. Mohamad Habash for their huge efforts that they have done for us. The course is very helpful and Dr. Mohamad Habash is really a scientific instructor. He does not move to an other subject until he is sure we understand every thing. Also, he answers all questions. I am very happy to be in this course and I highly recommend it for all.

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Posted 6 months ago
blast off to the exam

professional instructor with great source of information .

Preview Image
Shaimaa Shehab
Posted 6 months ago
Straight to the point

Time saving, trusted source of information and easily understood..

Preview Image
Hana Dammag
Posted 6 months ago
Very thorough, straight to the point and excellent instructors

I feel more confident after this course, I feel that I'll retain the knowledge I've learned here for the foreseeable future and not just for the exam's sake. The instructors are not jus teaching the science, but also they're walking us through the cultural differences in pharmacy practice in such a simple and hands-on style. Thank you for putting the effort to come up with such a great work.

Preview Image
Akmal Owaidah
Posted 9 months ago
The real deal

This course is the real deal and your way to get equipped with the needed knowledge and skill to ace the PEBC exams. I joined with hopes that will find a summarized fluent explanation and well organized authentic materials, which I did and on the top an excellent customer service. Recommendation guaranteed to any one is planning to do courses to prepare for the EE.

Preview Image
Posted 9 months ago
the shortest way to grab the info

I would simply describe the course as your easy and short way to grab the needed info for the EE exam without complexity

Preview Image
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